No Trojan on my Wii

Capcom Trojan box art Capcom Trojan screen shot

When the Virtual Console was first announced before Wii’s release, I made a short list of must-have games. Capcom’s NES slash-em-up Trojan was on that list. The music, graphics, bosses, upgrades, and block/slash gameplay have made it one of my most memorable games on the NES. Trojan was fairly short and easy (I’d beat it every time I played), but I’m sure using my NES Max turbo button to swing the sword like a propeller helped me out a bit. As of this writing, Trojan has not yet been released, or even announced, for Wii’s Virtual Console. It’s not a licensed property (unlike GoldenEye) and its publisher, Capcom, is has no conflict with releasing their properties on the VC (unlike GoldenEye). Not sure what the holdup is. Maybe Capcom’s too busy preparing for a seventh Street Fighter VC release instead.