King Minos + Mecha-King Ghidorah = MechaKingMinos

King MinosMecha-King Ghidorah

King Minos, in short, was the son of Zeus, master of the Minotaur, and judge of the underworld. Back in ’94 I started using the name Minos as my alias online and in games. Since then, others have adopted the name as well. I needed a way to not only differentiate myself, but be BETTER than the rest. Enter the Godzilla universe. King Ghidora, also known as Monster Zero, was the 3-headed flying dragon that was ultimately defeated by Godzilla. A few hundred years later he was treated to robotic enhancements and was brought back as the cyborg Mecha-King Ghidorah to once again battle the mighty Godzilla.

Look for me when gaming online. And I’d like to hear how you came up with YOUR gamer tag.