Confession: I only beat the first Zelda

The Legend of Zelda golden cartridgeI consider myself a lifelong Zelda fan. I’ve owned almost every version on console and handheld. I was outraged when Jeff Gertmann only gave Twilight Princess an 8.8. And I’ve even contemplated getting a triforce tattoo. However, I’ve only ever beaten the original Legend of Zelda.

It’s not that the games are too hard, boring, or long. I actually think it’s because I get lost easily (in games and real world)! I forget where I’m supposed to go next when I haven’t played in a week. Phantom Hourglass even tried to remedy my problem by providing a fortuneteller to point me to my next destination, but I forgot which island she’s on! I know I can just look it up, but I’m usually playing in short bits and don’t want to spend my play time sorting through some lengthy GameFAQs guide.

When I beat the first Zelda, it was a different era. I was able to play for hours at a time. I may never have that luxury again, unless I can guide my career path into the gaming industry (without getting lost).

My Christmas gift of Spirit Tracks is still in the shrink wrap. Once I open open it, I intend to beat it. Trains can’t really get lost, can they?

I guess there are worse places to get lost in than Hyrule.