Enter the “Classic Core” gamer

Gamer SpeakThere have been several terms over the years to define and label segments of the game enthusiasts: hardcore gamers, casual gamers, sports gamers, etc. However, many gamers cross the lines between these segments, and can’t truly be defined. So I propose a new term that I’m proud to be labeled: Classic Core.

Classic, not necessarily in the “retro” sense, but that we appreciate the fundamental spirit of video games: fun. We grew up with games, and they’re as much a form of entertainment as movies, TV, or music.

Core, not necessarily hardcore, but we’re serious about games and purchase and play them regularly. Some Classic Core gamers may be adults, with families and careers, and not have entire days, weekends, and vacations to dedicate to gaming, but we always find a way to fit gaming into our valuable free time.

We won’t turn our noses up to games because they’re too simple, too familiar, or too unique. Just like music or movies, we accept that games can be exciting, relaxing, intellectual, funny… or whatever. As long as we’re stimulated, we’ll play.

We are the classic definition of gamers, to the core.