New in my pocket: iPod Touch

iPod TouchI picked up an iPod Touch a couple weeks ago. I was itching to get a new gadget for a while and considered several options:

  • Kindle – Very cool device, but I don’t read enough to warrant having one yet.
  • Droid – Only because I can’t use iPhone on Verizon. Playing around with my brother’s Droid got it out of my system.
  • iPhone – No Verizon plan? No iPhone.
  • PSP – Deciding between the 3000 and Go delayed my decision to make this purchase. Sorry Sony, I’ve passed for now.
  • iPad – I refuse to be an early adopter.
  • iPod Touch – For me this combined a new experience, a nice price point, and multiple practical uses with its enormous library of apps. Having a stack of unused iTunes cards helps too.

I honestly didn’t think I would use the iPod Touch for gaming, but it’s a surprisingly fun platform! It offers some intuitive control schemes with its touch input, makes good use of the built-in gyroscope, and has enough power to push some very nice graphics. Plus there are a ton of games for cheap (many only $.99), or even free.

The iPod Touch games I’m currently playing are Plants vs. Zombies, Fieldrunners, TapDefense, and The Creeps! Looking now, they’re all “Tower Defense” style, but I’m not really getting my TD fix on any other platform (except Starship Defense on DSiWare).

While the iPod Touch doesn’t replace my DS, it’s certainly a welcome addition to it.