You’re calling me a camper? Tango Sucka!

Modern Warfare 2

Last night I was playing Modern Warfare 2 (on PS3). It was a few minutes into Team Deathmatch, and I had just made my way around the board and into a hot zone. On my mini map I could see that one of my teammates was in the building next to me. Suddenly there was a red blip and my buddy’s little green triangle was gone. I aimed my M16 at the open doorway and sure enough the baddie came out. Pop-pop-pop… Tango down. I cautiously made my way to the door and drew my AA-12, readying to go in for some close-quarter combat. Before making my way inside, the same guy came through the door again. BOOYA!… Tango down. I then entered the building and continued on.

A moment later, I received a message in my inbox. It read, “Nice camping you little p*ssy b*tch, learn how to play the f*cking game you c*nt.”

Really? I’ve heard some whining and crying over headsets but taking the time out of a game to type up that message shows some real passion.