Campfire: Coddling the Crybabies


I don’t believe “campers” are the problem in Modern Warfare. I believe the crybabies who get overly upset over campers are the problem. I propose that in a future Modern Warfare (Black Ops?) there be a separate game mode for anti-camping. The crybabies can either play in there, or shut up. Here are some options for the mode:

  1. Spending more than a set amount of time in one place automatically makes you show up on the map (like UAV). Cold Blooded perk would not prevent this.
  2. Staying in one place too long causes you to take damage, kinda like when you travel outside the map on Wasteland, etc. This would force players to keep moving.
  3. After exceeding your time in one spot, kills no longer add to your killstreaks (except maybe by killstreak rewards). Additionally, kills made this way would not break an enemy’s killstreak.

So would that “fix” the problem? I doubt it. The crybabies will probably go on to complain about the weapon you use or your perk setup. They won’t be happy unless you run around like target practice.