I Quit: Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

I’m about 20 hours into Dragon Age: Origins, and while I really like the game, I’ve had enough.

I had been searching for a Dungeons and Dragons style game for a while now. I wanted it to have a classic medieval fantasy setting and characters, not too Japanese, and I wanted to play as a rogue. Dragon Age: Origins delivered on every front. And as a bonus, the characters are highly customizable, there are tons of side quests, and you can save at almost any point in the game.

So why do I quit?

    • I’ve gotten bored with managing inventory.
    • The difficulty was too high (and too easy on the easy setting).
    • Load times are frustratingly long.
    • Drastic slowdown in battle ruin the excitement.
    • The game has completely frozen up on me three times.

      From what I’ve played I agree with IGN’s review, and I’m interested in checking out Dragon Age 2 when it comes out. Hopefully they’ll include more generous inventory system for us hoarders.