Give me Warcraft DS. “Yes, me Lord.”

Warcraft DSI’m not trying to complain, but just asking, “Why the hell hasn’t Warcraft made its way onto the Nintendo DS?” I’m not expecting a full portable World of Warcraft, but would love a solid port of Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness.

Warcraft 2 was memorable in so many ways: gorgeous sprites, catchy sound bites, classic human vs orc conflict, character and building upgrades, harvesting lumber and mining gold, multi-tasking across the map…

It just seems to be a natural fit, and the DS should have the muscle to pull it off. The DS homebrew scene has been playing with a couple Warcraft efforts, so why won’t Blizzard make a proper version? Maybe they’ve been busy over the past 6 years swimming in their World of Warcraft earnings like Scrooge McDuck.