NES games on my Droid… Incredible!

Droid Incredible running Tecmo Super Bowl

I picked up a Droid Incredible last month right before Verizon announced the iPhone (damn!). Even though I’ve wanted the iPhone for years, I’m very happy with the Droid. The Android Marketplace seems to be a little more lax than Apple’s App Store, and has several game emulators available. I downloaded Nesoid Lite and it’s little helper ROM Gripper. Both are free apps, and between the 2 you can download and play almost any NES game for free! I’m not sure how it’s legal, other than the old “I already own the cartridge” thing. Here are some points:

  • ROM Gripper has a list of all the available ROMs (the game files) ready to download, and works seamlessly with Nesoid. It’s way too easy.
  • ROMs are downloaded and stored on the Micro SD card. I didn’t realize my Droid Incredible came with one pre-inserted.
  • The screen can switch between vertical and horizontal orientations. Virtual buttons and d-pad are on the touch screen, or you can map to the device’s buttons.
  • The paid version of Nesoid is $4 (less than one NES virtual console game on Wii) and adds game saves. While my Legend of Zelda game save works in the Lite version, the paid version could save any game at any point.
  • 2-player is available via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Similar emulators exist for Gameboy Advance and Super NES.