Get Ready for Battle: Black Knight 2000

Black Knight 2000

I picked up Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection for Wii a few years ago. I highly recommend it for pinball fans. The gameplay very closely matches actual pinball, including the ball physics, the table art, and sounds. The game would be perfect if it only included my favorite pinball game ever: Black Knight 2000.

Many hours, quarters, and curfews were blown on that table. The gameplay itself was pretty slick, with 3 flippers, a 2-leveled playfield, a lowering drawbridge, and multi-ball were you keep up to 3 balls going at once. It even had a kickback AND magnasave (a player-activated magnetic spot) to help save the ball before it slipped down the side gutter.

Oh, yes, the game itself was sweet. But the coolest part was the sound! The Black Knight talked trash, guitars squealed, and if you kept the ball in play long enough you were treated to some motivational singing. The Black Knight would even say “No way! Give me your money!” if you tried to start the game without first inserting a quarter. Now that kicks ass!

Black Knight 2000 quick facts:
Released in 1989 by Williams Electronic Games, Incorporated
Designed by Steve Ritchie
See Black Knight 2000 in action